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Vega portrait.jpg
Title Solar Angel
Type Sage

Vega is a hero in Art of Conquest. A street urchin taken in off the streets by the Sun Temple, Vega blossomed into a powerful priestess. She later fled the Temple when it was corrupted by darkness from within.

Vega is probably the most important hero to have if you are using an army that can be healed (any unit that is not a mechanical or undead unit) Vega and her ability favor of the sun god heals all allied forces on the battlefield which is frankly overpowered.

Favour of the Sun God (costs 5 mana)

Vega summons a Sun God Blessing for allied troops, causing all allies to continuously recover HP for X seconds. Has no effect on Undead, Mech, and Building Units. Bonus based on Magic


Building Vega[edit | edit source]

Vega is typical healer, so she is very squishy but provides a large range of support spells. She needs only magic as she will die if anything touches her, so just maximize her magic stat and maybe some stamina so you can use her one or two more times a day.

You want to get one point into Vega’s base skill “Heal” and use it only when you need to spot heal a group of units to keep them from dying, this spell is used more to provide “Boosted Heal” rather than the healing itself. This means get one point in Boosted Heal. After those two skills put all your points into Favor of the Sun God, make sure this skill is as high level as you can get it at all times, after that dump everything spare into Mana Barrier. If you are playing super late game put the rest into saving lives. It is also worth noting that at around stronghold 40+, casting Favor of the Sun God in PvP battles is usually not worth the cooldown because at that stage most people have lots of heal block. However, Favor of the Sun God is still very useful in PvE battles.

Equipping Vega.

Refer to Avril for equipment for early/mid game, just stack as much magic as possible. Late game you will want to equip all of Vegas plus to ability items as she has quite a few of them and they are good to have, ESPICALLY THE ONE THAT GIVES +1 TO FAVOUR OF THE SUN GOD.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Ability Cost Description
Heal 1 Mana Vega casts healing on the specified area, Healing friendly troops for 190 / 418 / 760 / 1216 / X / X / X / X / X health. Magic increases the efficacy of Healing abilities.
Mana Barrier 2 Mana Vega summons 1 magic shield with 87600 / 192000 / X / X / 690000 / 950000 / X / X / X health that can effectively block the enemy's ranged archers and ranged magic damage, lasts for X / X / X / X / 20 / 24 / X / X / X seconds. Magic increases the health of the barrier.
Saving Lifes Passive Vega boosts the troop injury rate by 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7%, saving more troops from death in battle.
Priestess Mastery Passive With the blessing of the Sun God, when Vega is on the battlefield, all allied Priestesses, Abbesses, and Saints have damage and health increased by 2 / 4 / 7 / 10 / 14 / 19 / 25 / 32 / X39%. Command increases attack and max health.
Boosted Healing Passive When Vega uses Heal on allied units, they are imbued with a shield that mitigates the damage they take by 35% and extends the healing effect for 8 / 9 / X / X / X / X / X / X / X seconds. Magic increases the efficacy of Healing abilities.
Favor of the Sun God 5 Mana Vega summons a Sun God Blessing that heals allied troops by 14 / 31 / 280 / 440 / 640 health per second for X / X / 20 / 25 / X seconds. Magic increases the efficacy of Healing abilities.

Note: Healing has no effect on Undead, Mech, and Building Units.

Gallery[edit | edit source]