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Tiadrin portrait.jpg
Title Divine Justiciar
Type Paladin

Tiadrin is a hero in Art of Conquest. Tiadrin receives praise and criticism in equal parts for her zealous and unquestioning eradication of the dark, yet in her mind, the light can do no wrong.

Tiadrin is an interesting hero in that she is designed to counter lich, but does a poor job at it. Lich players mostly only use scorpions and spiders, which are magical creatures. This makes them take 50% less damage to magic damage, which Tiadrin deal. Tiadrin will melt undead units such as skeletons, but no one uses them. Tiadrin is useful to kill enemy player castles with her ability to damage players walls if they are lich. This is helpful when you have a high-level whale bullying the server you can band together and spam Tiadrins ability on them and kill that whale.

Building Tiadrin[edit | edit source]

Tiadrin is used as a field dot damage and that the primary thing you want to focus on so Max Aura of Retribution. Put one point into Divine light as it can fully heal any hero. If used properly, it can turn the tide if cast on a tanky distraction hero like Bane or Rufio. I would also get one point into glory hammer for the added damage. I am a big fan of leveling Purge the land as most Whales play Lich and you can use this ability to kill that whale slowly over a few days if you have enough players doing this with you.

Equipping Tiadrin[edit | edit source]

Tiadrin needs all four stats that a hero can get so just put your best leftover items on her.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Judgement Seal 1 mana Tiadrin places 3 Judgement Seals on the battlefield, dealing X damage to enemies for 7 seconds, with bonus damage to Undead Units. Damage from multiple seals cannot be stacked. Bonus based on Magic
Glory Hammer Each time Tiadrin attacks there is a 25% chance of summoning a Glory Hammer from the heavens that deals X damage in a small area and stuns enemies, with bonus damage to Undead Units.
Purge the Lands 1 mana In Adventure, immediately reduces the DEF of a nearby Lich Territory by X%. The ability cooldown is 10 hours.
Divine Light Tiadrin automatically casts divine light to heal a nearby Hero with low HP, healing for X HP each time. Tiadrin cannot cast divine light on herself.
Aura of Retribution Tiadrin mastered the Aura of Retribution, dealing X damage per second to enemy units on the battlefield, with bonus damage to Undead Units.
Sacrifice 3 mana Tiadrin sacrifices 70% of her current HP to summon 1 massive sword that smashes into the ground, dealing X damage to enemy units in range, with bonus damage to Undead Units.

Gallery[edit | edit source]