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Spearmen counter any large unit and giant unit.

Spearmen at silver tier or higher have a ranged stun spear toss which pushes foes back which is great to group enemies up for hero skills. they also have slightly longer melee range than swordsmen. they also have a decent scaling per rank. Spearmen tend to outperform swordsmen in every situation except the gold swordsmen + virion ultimate skill combo.

Spearmen do very well against Cavalry, and are generally the best counter to Cavalry. They are also very strong against any unit that is size Large or Giant, such as lich scorpions or dwarf mechsuits.

Counters to Spearmen

Dwarf Mechs are decent against spearmen, but the spearmen also kill mechs quickly so they're not a hard counter. Any melee normal sized unit, such as dwarf engineers and human swordsmen.

Research[edit | edit source]

Tier Name Description
1 Fitness Training Increases health by a flat amount. This research leads to Silver Spearmen.
2 Combat Training Increases damage by a flat amount. This research leads to Savage Thrusts, this ability causes all attacks make the enemy take an additional 30% damage from all sources.
3 Survival Training Provides +% damage reduction. This research leads to Heightened Reflexes which gives Spearmen a 10% dodge chance.
4 Basic Fitness Training Bonus +% health, leads to Gold Swordsmen
5 Convalescence Reduces heal time. Leads to garrison healing time bonus.
6 Advanced Fitness Training Bonus +% health, leads to bloodlust, provides a 30% damage bonus during morale.
7 Garrison Training Bonus to health and damage for Spearmen on garrison duty.
8 Training Discipline Reduce the cost to produce Spearmen, leads to brutal efficiency.
9 Elite Combat Training Bonus +% damage, leads to +20% damage research.
10 Advanced Convalescence Reduced healing time, leads to reduced heal time for garrison troops for a total of 100% reduced heal time.
11 Lethality Increase the critical strike chance of spearmen by +%. Leads to Heavy Blows, which increases the critical strike damage of spearmen by 40%.
12 Elite Fitness Training Bonus heal +%, leads to Regroup.