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Nora portrait.jpg
Title Great White Shark
Type Mechanist

Nora is a hero in Art of Conquest. It's nice when your grandfather is the king. He lets you skip your lessons so you can go play at war and test out all your new inventions.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Fire Bomb Free Nora launches a Fire Bomb at the target area, lighting it on fire for 3 seconds and dealing X burning damage per second to enemies in the target area. Units that die from burning damage will explode. Bonus based on Might
Rocket Expertise Nora is a gifted mechanist. When she is on the battlefield, all allied Blasters, Rocketeers, and Bombardiers have their damage and hit points increased by X%.
Tag Attack 1 energy Nora marks a place on the battlefield, directing Blasters, Rocketeers and Bombariers to attack the target at X% the normal rate of fire for 8 seconds.
Air Cannon 1 energy Nora attacks a fan section with Air Cannon, dealing an extra X points of damage and pushing enemies back and stunning them for 3 seconds.
Destructive Rage Nora gets additional X Might
Fast Loading Nora can use her Fire Bomb, Tag Attack and Air Cannon abilities twice per battle, and all her active abilities cooldowns are reduced by 0.5 seconds.

Gallery[edit | edit source]