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Title Unknown
Type Rogue

Mako is a hero in Art of Conquest.

Mako is a ranged Rakan hero. He uses a single target bow, but his damage abilities are area/multitarget damage.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Ability Cost Description
Crack Shot Passive Mako's basic attacks have 25% chance to shoot a devastating projectile that deals X damage to his target and any nearby enemies. Might increases damage.
Killer Instinct Passive Mako has a gift for targeting weak spots or finish off his enemies. His basic attacks have X% increased critical hit chance and his critical hits deal triple damage.
Crossbow Mastery Passive Mako is an expert at projectile weapons training. When he is on the battlefield, all allied Crossbowmen, Arbalesters, and Desperados have their damage and health increased by 2 / 4 / 7 / 10 / 14 / 19 / 25 / 32 / 39%. Command increases attack and max health.
Scatter Shot Free Mako shoots a cone of projectiles from his slingshot, dealing X damage to enemies in front of him. Might increases damage.
Eagle Eye Passive Mako has incredible eyesight that grants X bonus range and X% attack speed to his basic attacks.
Shooting Star 1 Energy Mako launches a shooting star projectile dealing X damage to all enemies in its path. Might increases damage.