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There are 6 different Kingdoms on Nore. They are Athaly (Light BLue), Dunwolf (Orange), Hyral (Green), Icarum (Purple), Neferak (Yellow) and Skarn (Dark Blue). Each has its own description and backstory but any of the above are available when starting out on a new server and after started to migrate to, with the exception of you can't migrate to the current Largest Kingdom on the server.

Athaly[edit | edit source]

""Athaly was founded by voyagers from across the sea. Once a tiny city state, it has blossomed into a powerful kingdom.""

Dunwolf[edit | edit source]

""Hope for peace in the north ended when Dunwulf shattered the armistice. War with Skarn can no longer be avoided""

Hyral[edit | edit source]

""Hyral is a warrior society of untamed ambition. The bordering kingdoms struggle to keep its power in check.""

Icarum[edit | edit source]

""Icarum is powerful yet mysterious, rarely interacting with other kingdoms. It is known as the religious center of Nore""

Neferak[edit | edit source]

""Neferak lies on an isolated peninsula beyond an impenetrable desert. Its natural defenses allow it to focus on trade.""

Skarn[edit | edit source]

""Skarn is governed by an ancient code of chivalry. Its gallant scholars strive to bring enlightenment to the rest of Nore.""