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Jacques portrait.jpg
Title Firestorm
Type Mechanist

Jacques is a hero in Art of Conquest. Jacques enlisted on a whim to show off his mechsuit. His passion for tinkering borders on hysteria, yet that fervor is precisely what powers the mighty dwarven army.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Walking Arsenal Specialty Costs 3 Energy when deployed. While seemingly invincible during battle, the mech that Jacques pilots also expends a large amount of Energy.
Fire Storm Free Jacques increases his machine gun's rate of fire 2-fold for X seconds, devastating enemies in the line of fire, each bullet dealing an extra X points of damage. If Jacques runs out of ammunition, the ability automatically comes to a halt.
Rocket Launcher After lots of tinkering, Jacques finally outfitted his mech suit with a rocket launcher. Jacques fires 1 rocket, dealing X damage to enemies near the blast.
Mech Expert Jacques is an expert at making careful modifications to Mechs. When he is on the battlefield, all allied Mechsuits, Mechwalkers, and Battlemechs have their damage and max hit points increased by X%.
Expanded Capacity In order to improve the sustained firepower of mech units, Jacques increases their ammo capacity by X%.
Double Charge After lots of tinkering, Jacques finally outfitted his mech suit with a Double Charge Cannon that shoots a blast of shrapnel, dealing an extra X damage to nearby enemies struck.
Spray and Pray 1 energy Jacques overloads the systems of his mech, increasing fire rate of all weapons by X%. Ability will stop if out of ammo.

Gallery[edit | edit source]