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Hero Types:

All heroes are identified by a personal title as well as a Hero Type. A Hero's type has a direct effect on the types of items that particular hero is capable of equipping.

Example: only Generals can equip Banners.

By limiting the types of equipment a Hero can get, it limits the equipment sets a Hero is capable of accessing.

Example: the Tribal Equipment Set gives a bonus of +10 to Bronze Army. This Set is composed of Tribal Headgear, Tribal Armor and Tribal Banner. This means that only Generals Type Heroes can equip this set completely and gain access to this bonus.

The following is a list of the different Types of Heroes and which Heroes are of that type:

Hero Type Heroes Slot #1 Slot #2 Slot #3 Slot #4 Slot #5 Slot #6
General Avalon, Elena, Grimms Weapon Banner Headpiece Armor Trinket Trinket
Paladin Virion, Tiadrin Weapon Shield Headpiece Armor Trinket Trinket
Gladiator Rufio, Bane, Gafgar, Denji, Baelrog Weapon Weapon Headpiece Armor Trinket Trinket
Mechanist Nora, Jacques Weapon Weapon Headpiece Armor Trinket Trinket
Sage Vega, Gan, Rose, Yip Staff Tome Headpiece Robe Trinket Trinket
Mage Avril, Cleo, Vallari, Wraxius Staff Cloak Headpiece Robe Trinket Trinket
Rogue Mako Weapon Bow Headpiece Armor Trinket Trinket
Necromancer Gazul Staff Cloak Headpiece Robe Tome Trinket

Equipment Sets

Equipment Set Set Bonus Compatible Hero Types
Tribal Set +10 Bronze Army General
Example Example Example
Example Example Example


  • Shields are exclusive to Paladins, Banners are exclusive to Generals and Bows are exclusive to Rogues.
  • Spellcasters use Robe instead of Armor and Staff instead of Weapon.
  • Books & Tomes are used by Mages & Sages respectively, but Necromancers can use both.
  • Necromancers are unlike any other Hero Type in that they only have one slot for Trinkets, with the other slot usually reserved for Trinkets being occupied by a Tome.
  • There is only one Hero of the Rogue and Necromancer Types.
  • The Hero Type with the most Heroes is the Gladiator Type with 5 Heroes.
  • Previously, it was tied with Mages and Sages at 4 Heroes.