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Gan portrait.jpg
Title Elder Magus
Type Sage

Gan is a hero in Art of Conquest. When Silverwing fell, Gan felt the land cry out all the way from Nore. He has taken an interest in Avalon, helping the uprooted prince in mysterious ways.

Gan can be bought in the void at the end of the second section, Tundra, for 1000 adamantium.

Gan has two , radically different basic styles of play: Summoner and Demolitionist.

  • Summoner Gan makes use of not only the Treat he himself can summon, but also buffs the summons of other heroes either by extending their duration in combat or increasing the health of magic creatures (this includes the Undead Titan summoned by Gazul, the Spiderlings spawned by Rose, Spiders, Scorpions and of course his own Treant). His presence is very welcomed in any army that makes use of any of these units, as he increases their longevity.
  • Demolitionist Gan on the other hand places most if not all of his points into the Earthquake Spell, making use of it to deal severe damage to the fortifications of enemies, making him fairly useful in routing enemy castles from their cities. This version of Gan is a little too specialized, but the damage he brings makes it the preferred version in the late game.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Twisting Thorns 1 mana Gan gathers the power of nature, and summons a tangling vine on the specified area for X seconds. Each time enemy units become entangled, they will receive 15 damage and will not be able to move for a short duration. Giant units cannot be antangled.
Summon Treant 2 mana Gan summons 1 treant to assist in battle with X HP that deals X damage.
Treant Mastery As protector of the forest, when Gan is on the battlefield, all allied treants have their damage and maximum health increased by X%.
Earthquake 3 mana Gan causes an earthquake to shake the targeted area of the battlefield. Enemies in the affected area will take X damage per second for X seconds. Building Units take a large amount of additional damage.
Life Force Gan uses the magic of nature to awaken the life force inside his forces, increasing the duration of all ally summoned units by X seconds.
Nature's Blessing As a noble and sagacious elder, Gan imparts a powerful blessing to Magical Creatures. When he is on the battlefield all Magical Creatures have their maximum health increased by X%.

Gallery[edit | edit source]