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Gafgar portrait.jpg
Title Hammer of Destruction
Type Gladiator

Gafgar is a hero in Art of Conquest. After falling grievously wounded in battle, Gafgar received a new body and a new lease on life. Empowered by cutting edge mechanical enhancements, he now battles harder than ever.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Pyro Pincers Free Gafgar slams his massive pincers, causing flames to shoot from the ground, dealing X burning damage to enemies in the target area. Bonus based on Might
Startling Blow Whenever Gargar attacks there is a 25% chance of him casting Startling Blow, dealing X damage to nearby enemies, and stunning them for 3 seconds. Bonus based on Might
Repairman Gafgar is a gifted mechanic. When he is on the battlefield, all allied mech units have their max hit points increased by X%.
Dwarf Warrior Specialist As commander of the Dwarven forces, when Gafgar is on the battlefield, all allied Dwarven Labrorers, Technicians, and Engineers have their damage and max HP increased by X%.
Temporary Repair 1 energy Gafgar repairs all allied Mech units as well as his own. Repaired Mechs will recover a fixed amount of HP over a period of X seconds.
Iron Shield 1 energy Gafgar strengthens his Mech, turning it into an iron shield. He reduces the amount of Damage he receives by X% for X seconds.

Gallery[edit | edit source]