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Elena portrait.jpg
Title Hand of Silverwing
Type General

Elena is a hero in Art of Conquest. Princess of the fallen Kingdom of Silverwing, Elena led her people to safety in Noire where she strives to be a strong and independent leader in the absence of her brother, Avalon.

Elena after her rework of abilities is a powerhouse of a hero, she can retreat units from battle which is amazing for dwarf players or lich players who want to save their spiders or tanks from dying. She also provides a magic damage reduction aura to all allied units which is amazing. Like Avalon and Virion, she also can summon units in this case she summons Calvary to the battlefield, using her Avalon and Virion’s summon in the same battle will probably in most cases guarantee your victory. Elena is my personal favorite unite because of what she is capable of doing and I just love her design as a character alongside Avalon.

Building Elena[edit | edit source]

Get 3 points in strategic retreat if you use any siege weapons or mech units like tanks, or even spiders. This ability allows you to minimize losses and this is huge as it can literally save you over 100k gold in one battle. After that max Summon Calvary. Max Calvary specialist next if you are human if not you can opt for ready and Willing.

You want to attempt to keep Elena’s final skill as high level as possible but the last 2 ranks are very expensive so shooting for 2 + her item that gives +1 to that ability is good enough.

Equipping Elena[edit | edit source]

Get all of her speciality items such as the +1 to summon +1 to magic resistance +1 to Calvary specialist. The other 3 items should be legendary quality items that provide a lot of Command or use 3/6 Avalon 

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Strategic Retreat Free Elena commands allied troops to withdraw from the battlefield, to prevent further losses. Using this ability does not affect other ability cooldowns. This ability can be used X times per battle with a cooldown of X seconds between each use.
Call the Cavalry 1 energy Elena summons X Chargers to assist in battle. Can summon Lancers at ability level 4. Can summon Templars after achieving ability level 8. Troops level based on Command
Saving Lives Elena boosts the troop injury rate by 1%, saving more troops from death in battle.
Cavalry Specialist Elena excels at leading Chargers into battle. When she is on the battlefield, all allied Chargers, Lancers, and Templars have damage and max HP increased by X%.
Ready and Willing Elena has outstanding skills and incredible insight, causing her to receive an additional X% EXP.
Magic Resistance Elena hails from a magical bloodline that empowers her to resist the effects of magic. When she is on the battlefield, the magic damage taken by all allied units is reduced by X%.

Gallery[edit | edit source]