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General Buildings[edit | edit source]

Every race has access to these essential buildings.

Name Description
Castle/Engine Extends your explorable land and unlocks higher building levels.
Gate Wall and units that defend against attackers.
Residence Produces gold per hour.
Sawmill Produces lumber per hour.
Magic Stream Produces elixir per hour.
Outpost Adds 50 bronze army supply per level of construction.
Warehouse Protects 50% of your resources from being plundered.
Academy Allows you to do research for units.
Tactics School Allows you to do challenging PvE battles for rewards.
Hospital Heals injured units. Higher levels heal more units faster.
Alchemy Core Transmutes unwanted equipment into a random new pieces of equipment.
Temple Unlock Statues and insert Runestones to receive the blessings of the deity.
Dragon Lair Hatch and raise a Dragon from it's egg and explore the Abyss.

Race Specific Buildings[edit | edit source]

These buildings have different names and different functions across the races but share their building level when changing race.

Human Dwarf Lich Rakan
Fort Miner Hut Furnace Dojo
Archery Range Gun Range Shrine Crossbow Range
Barracks Camp Cave Monastery
Stables Mech Workshop Sanctuary Sanctum
Cathedral Factory Nest Waterhole
Workshop Workshop Tomb Assembly Yard